Starbucks vs. Dunkin’

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Starbucks vs. Dunkin’

Darby Duncan, Media Editor

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No one can seem to come to an agreement about whether Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts has the best coffee. We decided to put this argument to an end once and for all, trying a flavored drink and regular coffee from both places and comparing.  

First we went to the Starbucks drive through, where the service was friendly and prompt. We ordered a grande Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and a tall coffee. The pumpkin spice was $5.25 and the coffee was $2.15. Overall, both drinks tasted delicious. The pumpkin spice was the perfect blend of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices, creating the perfect fall drink. The coffee was rich with a little bit of an aftertaste.

At Dunkin’ Donuts, we again went through the drive through. This time we ordered a small coffee and medium Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Iced Latte. The service here was also quick and the people nice; however, there were a few times the speaker went out and we couldn’t hear in the drive through. The coffee was $1.89, which was about $0.50 cheaper than Starbucks for about the same size.

The pumpkin latte was $4.19, about $1.00 less than Starbucks, and the size was much bigger than Starbucks. A Dunkin’ medium was about equivalent to a Starbucks Venti. Again, both coffees tasted good. The pumpkin latte was a good blend of fall spices; however, it fell short of the Starbucks pumpkin spice. The coffee, however, was rich, creamy and better than Starbucks.

We found that the coffee shop you decide to go to really depends on what kind of drink you are searching for. If you are looking for normal coffee, Dunkin’ is the better choice, while Starbucks is a close second. However, if you are looking for a flavored drink, specifically a fall one, Starbucks is the way to go. If you are simply looking for the cheaper option, Dunkin’ will always come out on top.

Be sure to try out these places and decide for yourself!

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