The Next Chapter

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The Next Chapter

Cam Peters, Staff Writer

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The thrilling sequel to IT, IT Chapter Two is set 27 years after the first movie, when the Losers’ Club is called back to the town where it all started: Derry, Maine.

IT left us with a happy ending, and also a promise. This promise was that if anything like this were to happen in Derry again, the Losers would all join forces to defeat it.

The opening scene of IT Chapter Two shows two men at a fair in Derry, Maine. A group of boys are drawn to them and nearly beat one of the men to death, finally throwing him over the bridge. Pennywise appears to help him out of the water and then kills him, starting a new chain of events, which means that the Losers must get back together.

Now 27 years older, each of the Losers live a different life. There’s Beverly, who runs a clothing line, Eddie, a risk analyst, Billy, a writer, Richie, a comedian, Ben, an architect and Stanley, an accountant. All of them have moved out of Derry and into a new lifestyle. However, there’s one person in the group who didn’t move out — Mike. He has decided to stay in the little town to solve the mystery of IT.

One of the keys to defeating IT is retrieving a memorable item from the last time they were here. When the Losers reunite, they begin their journey to retrieve those items, while being faced with new fears. They venture throughout Derry, and after the horrible death of a kid who lived in Billy’s old home, he swears to get revenge and returns to the house of IT.

All the other characters meet Billy at the house, and instead of trying to kill IT, they agree to perform a ritual to defeat the spirit of IT once and for all.

A horror film full of jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat, IT Chapter Two is a great sequel to its predecessor, IT.