The New Varsity Volleyball

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

This volleyball season is brand new for both the girl’s varsity players and the coaches. Losing five seniors, the team took a hit. However, they are planning to bounce back with big goals.

By moving to Class 3, the girls have increased their chances of heading back to state. They plan to dominate in districts, slide through sectionals and squash their opponents at state.

“We have lots of new faces on our court, but we are packed full of talent. My goal for this season is to have a strong, fast offensive team that is hard for other defenses to handle. I would also like to win our conference and make another trip to state. I feel like these goals are very attainable with the talent we have this year,” Coach Courtney Bland said.  

The girls also do their best to focus on the small things during the season. This includes team bonding, working together and always having each other’s back, especially in the tougher moments.

“Every game day we have team lunch. We also jam on the bus and in the locker room, and we have a program meal before most home games,” junior Alayna Metherd said.

The St. Dominic volleyball program as a whole is like a family. They have their “sister” system, which is where one girl from each of the three teams come together and support each other. Advice and even gifts before games are a popular part of the system. The coaches are also there to help the girls with everything from volleyball to their everyday lives.

“The coaches have really helped me with my confidence. They’re so encouraging and really just want us to succeed,” sophomore McKinley Curran said.

This season is going to be a great one, so be sure to pop out and support the volleyball girls this fall!