A Peek into Peer Ministry


Cate Cato, Staff Writer

Every St. Dominic student has been led by peer ministers, either through retreats or just through the day, but do we even know what it means to be a peer minister or how they help our school?

Peer Ministry does a lot for our school, although most things go unnoticed. Our Peer Ministry seniors spend many hours throughout the year preparing and setting up for events to make sure everything runs smoothly. Weekly meetings take place as a large group, but the peer ministers will also meet in smaller groups before an event. On days of certain events, such as Mass and Reconciliation, peer ministers will come in to school early to set up for the event we will be having that day.

Senior Cati Welby is one of St. Dominic’s peer ministers this school year. She explained that being a peer minister means you have to be understanding and outgoing while also helping lead other students to grow deeper in their faith.

“Peer Ministry is a way of expressing my faith openly to everyone around me and within my community, while helping others grow closer to their faith,” Welby said.

Senior Clay North is also a peer minister this school year. He has a passion for leading in faith, and it’s no doubt that his positive charisma will help guide others in their faith. Clay is also excited to further his faith through Peer Ministry.

“My favorite thing about being a peer minister is that at every faith activity we have here at St. Dominic I am in some way a part of it. I also love that I get the chance to help lead the retreats and see our community’s faith in all grades!” North said.

Andrew Struttmann, one of our Campus Ministers, has done an excellent job in leading our community through faith and virtue. He plays a huge part in peer ministry and believes that strengthening the faith of teens is most effective when teens help other teens.

“This program has the chance to be very helpful for the faith life of our school. We have a great group of peer ministers who are so passionate about leading and sharing their faith,” Mr. Struttmann said.

If you’re a student here at St. Dominic and Peer Ministry is something that interests you, a meeting is held in the spring of your junior year. Applicants must fill out an application, write a personal statement, complete an in-person interview and get a teacher recommendation. Applicants must also be passionate about their faith, be able to lead and have the ability to maintain a good GPA. Peer ministers are all around, so if you have a question about your faith, want to know more about Catholicism or just need someone to talk to, make sure to find them!