Gearing Up for Godspell


Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

As the school year starts, the fall musical is ready to take off, with auditions coming up September 3, 4 and 5. The musical this year is Godspell, which is about a series of parables from the book of Matthew. The parables will be brought to us in the form of song for all to enjoy.

Mrs. Findley is directing the musical and can’t wait for it to begin.

”Godspell is a wonderful show that teaches and reinforces the teachings of Jesus. It is a perfect show for St. Dominic to put on. It is also a true ensemble show that makes it easy for any amount of cast members to be in…all can be involved in all aspects of each scene,” Mrs. Findley said.

The musical retells the book of Matthew, spreading the love and joy of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. It brings the good news in a way for all to understand and enjoy.

This year’s fall musical will be the last for senior Nate Johnson, who is excited about leading theatre this year.

“My favorite part of St. Dominic theatre is the family atmosphere we have. It’s a rarity that anyone ever gets in arguments or dislikes each other. We all have good relationships,” Johnson said.

Johnson has enjoyed his years in theatre and can’t wait to see what his last year brings.

The St. Dominic community also can’t wait to see what theatre does this year. To all those trying out for the production of Godspell, break a leg! We can’t wait to watch you perform!