Organize Your Life: School Edition

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

Every year students tell themselves they are going to be organized and on top of assignments and tests, but end up falling back into their old habits quickly. Here are a couple ways to keep your life a little less stressful during school.

Keep A Planner

Use a planner or any kind of app, such as notes or reminders, to write down your homework and to-do-lists. This will help you remember to complete and turn in all of your assignments on time.

Color Coordinate

Assigning a color for each class helps keep your planner organized so you know which assignment goes with which class. Also, the colorful colors are fun to use and help make your planner look bright and happy during school.

“I like using colorful pens to write events I have each day in my planner because it makes the plans stand out from the rest of the homework and tasks I need to do,” senior McKayla Overton said.

Label Folders

Any kind of folder or binder to keep your assignments in will keep you from losing worksheets and notes. Labeling the classes will keep your papers organized and easy to find a certain worksheet from a certain class. This is especially helpful at the end of the school year when you need a worksheet to study for finals. If you label your folders, you will know exactly where to find it, and the paper won’t be crumpled under all of your other books in your backpack.

Have a System

Knowing when to do your homework every day helps with breaking the nasty habit of procrastinating. If you do your homework right before school or after dinner every day, then you will eventually automatically work on it during that time. This will allow you to get more sleep instead of working on assignments at 2:30 in the morning, and it helps relieve stress since you know you have everything finished.

Maintaining organized school work will improve your grades and make doing homework and studying easier. Keep up the good habits throughout the year, and your old problems of lost papers or incomplete homework will disappear.