You Will Love(r) This Album


via Taylor Swift instagram

Maria Klassen, Editor in Chief

Released on August 23, Taylor Swift’s seventh album Lover is chock-full of some of her best pop songs, and is sure to make the top of your next playlist.

Shedding the snakeskins, as well as what tried to be an edgy persona, Swift opens this era of literal rainbows and butterflies with the light and cheery “I Forgot You Existed.” Although this track is yet another half-hearted attempt to make us believe that she really doesn’t care about the “haters” (only enough to write song after song about them), “I Forgot You Existed” is a mood booster and definitely a song you can bop to in the car.

The second track, “Cruel Summer,” is by far one of the best on the album and an instant favorite. Cutting lyrics, impressive delivery and catchy production make this track one of Swift’s best all-around pop songs, up there with “Getaway Car” and “Out of the Woods.”

“I Think He Knows” falters in the beginning, with lines like “He got that boyish look that I like in a man,” but the chorus salvages the song and brings it back in grand style. Although some of the lyrics are a little cringey, this is another great car song — it’s almost impossible not to sing or dance along when this song comes on.

Although the title is initially daunting, “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” is not only worthy of a level of symbolism analysis straight from Mr. Margadonna’s class, but is lyrically and musically a masterpiece. Similar to the music of Lana Del Ray, this song is haunting and beautiful.

The beat proves “Cornelia Street” an ample fit for this pop-driven album, but the lyrics of this love song tinged with anxiety are reminiscent of Swift’s fourth album Red. “Cornelia Street” is a good throwback for fans who miss the love songs of the olden days that Swift used to write, while still enjoying her classic pop sound.

“Soon You’ll Get Better” is the outlier in a mostly upbeat pop album. Stripped down and featuring the instrumental and vocal talents of the Dixie Chicks, this song is a heartbreaking track about Swift’s mother’s battle with cancer. Swift’s shaky voice and lyrics that are some of her most personal make it hard to listen to this song more than a few times. The song is extremely powerful and by far one of the saddest she has ever released, so it is doubtful that Swift will ever talk about it or perform it live, as it is so personal.

Swift’s new album does not stop there, however. As well as these songs, Lover includes 12 more tracks that you are sure to love. Head over to Spotify or Apple Music to stream the whole album!