Meet the Math Teachers


Megan Gilmore

Cate Cato, Staff Writer

A lot has changed this year at St. Dominic, and the math department is no exception. Four new teachers have joined us, and we hope to welcome them with open arms.

Kara Walters is a first-year teacher here at St. Dominic. Before she decided to join our community, she was a long-term substitute and student teacher at Fort Zumwalt East. She explained that she was drawn to St. Dominic because it’s a college preparatory school. Taking time to help students prepare for standardized tests is something Mrs. Walters does best.

“One of my biggest passions and something I put a lot of time into is helping students prepare for the ACT and SAT. I wanted to be at a school that was implementing this in the classroom and helping their students to succeed on these tests,” Mrs. Walters said.

Everybody knows the anxiety of the first day at school or work, but Mrs. Walters felt better knowing that there were other teachers feeling the same.

“I think with so many new faculty and administration, the adjustment process has been easier because I’m not doing this alone. I find comfort in knowing others are probably going through the same struggles I am and have the same questions, ” Mrs. Walters said.

Rachel Riechers is also a new math teacher, and she is a St. Dominic alumni! For many people, high school was a one-and-done type of thing, but for Mrs. Riechers, her dream was always to come back and be a teacher. She taught at a middle school that is also faith-based and has a community feel, so Mrs. Riechers didn’t have too much trouble feeling at home.

“The environment of the school is one of community. It is a safe place and a place that I look forward to being able to come every day,” Mrs. Riechers said.

Another new teacher in the math department is Lynette Hampton, a former teacher at Webster Groves High School for 22 years, Barat Academy for one year, Kennedy Catholic High School for two years (until it closed) and Incarnate Word Academy for two years. Ms. Hampton decided she wanted to teach at a Catholic high school that was close to her home so she could commute to and from her family quickly. She heard great things about St. Dominic from former teachers that made her decision even easier. The environment is also a reason she joined our community.

“My favorite part of Dominic are the people—students, staff, teachers and administration. They are so positive and approachable. I think the environment is welcoming and upbeat,” Ms. Hampton said.

The most difficult thing to adjust to for Ms. Hampton is the block scheduling, but it has helped her ease into the classes here at St. Dominic.

“I have never taught at a school with a block schedule! This may seem trivial, but I like how this allows me to focus on a few classes a day and give those students quality attention verses being torn in too many directions,” Ms. Hampton said.

Our other new math teacher, Amy Cornett, is not exactly brand new to our St. Dominic community.

“My family has a rich history at St. Dominic. My mother-in-law graduated in 1963, my sister in 1979 and my husband in 1988. I also have four children that have graduated and two more attending SDHS. I would say the community is what brought me here,” Mrs. Cornett said.

Mrs. Cornett shows great admiration towards the St. Dominic environment and how welcoming everyone is. The freedom that St. Dominic lets their students have and the ability to let them have a choice in how to spend some of their day during Empower Hour definitively drew her in.

St. Dominic is excited to welcome these great teachers, and we look forward to seeing all of their accomplishments!