Your New Family

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

St. Dominic is making some big changes this year, starting with Family Time!

During Family Time, a 15-minute period after Breakfast Bar, students break into faculty and student-led  families, which include people from each grade. Each family participates in bonding experiences, games and personal conversations to make new friends and interact with different grades.

Family Time is meant to give a support system to everyone, and it also gives people an opportunity to get to know more about their peers. It is meant to bring out the leaders of the school and help them get to know the people they will be guiding throughout their journey at St. Dominic.

“It has been so fun to watch students come out of their shells and leaders emerge. My hope is that every single member of our family feels like they belong and have a group that is their own,” Mrs. Lyn Zelnis said.

However, we have tried many similar ideas before, such as contact time, advisory, and homeroom — so what makes Family Time so special? What is going to make it stick in our community?

“In the spring, Family Time will be directly related to the House System. Through research and training, we have seen the benefits that other schools have experienced by implementing the House System, and we are excited to see those benefits at St. Dominic. We are looking forward to seeing lots of collaborative activities that inspire camaraderie and a sense of belonging,” Assistant Principal, Nikki Schuler said.

The House System will begin next spring, and it will expand on the idea of Family Time. For now, Family Time is a great way to get to know new people and gain friends!