Ecstatic for Father Patrick

Christian Hall, Staff Writer

With the new school year beginning, we welcome several new members to our faculty and staff, including our newest chaplain Father Patrick Russell.

Father Patrick is more than happy to join the St. Dominic community. After spending his diaconate year at St. Joseph Cottleville parish, Father Patrick was ordained a priest in May 2019 and assigned as associate pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish and chaplain of St. Dominic. He wants to play a very active role in the community, especially in student life activities.

“My main responsibility is to be present. That’s why I’m making sure I’m here every single day. The second thing is being a support for the students, and I would say that has two categories: sacramental support, especially with mass three days a week and confession every day, and spiritual support—I’m available if students want to meet or to go visit classrooms,” Father Patrick said.

One of the best additions Father Patrick is bringing to St. Dominic is an increased opportunity to encounter Christ through retreats, sacraments and prayer. He will be attending every St. Dominic retreat, from freshman to senior year. Father Patrick also offers Reconciliation during Breakfast Bar and Family Time. On top of that, mass will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the first half of Empower Hour, rather than just once a week.

“I’m here to foster a spiritual life. I don’t see myself changing anything here [at St. Dominic]. The only thing I want to change is a student who doesn’t have a relationship with God. I want to help foster a deeper relationship with our Lord,” Father Patrick said.

Father Patrick will definitely have a positive impact on St. Dominic. Make sure to pop by his office for a mood booster or quick confession.