Big Changes to the St. Dominic Campus

Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

When you return to St. Dominic next year, expect some exciting new renovations! New roads, bathrooms and expansions are being put in place on campus to improve the life of the St. Dominic students and whole community.

The biggest renovation that will occur will be a new entrance off of Highway 70 that will allow better traffic flow into and out of our campus. Construction has already started, as bulldozers are clearing out trees to make room for the entrance. The majority of the construction will take place through the course of this summer while students are away. The new entrance is projected to cut down on at least 50% of the traffic in and out of the school. President Mr.Welby first proposed the idea of another entrance, and the rest of the staff took the idea and ran with it. Welby is working on getting more construction started right now.

“It will take a lot of relief off of Elaine Drive and St. Dominic High School,” Welby said.

Along with the new entrance, a new parking lot will also be built. With 175 new parking spots, students will have spots to park that are closer to the school.

“Foremost, it’s going to create exposure for St. Dominic High School to the general public that’s never been there before” Welby said.

These two big construction projects will make all traffic coming to and from St. Dominic much easier and cut down on a lot of morning stress.  

Besides the new entrance, some smaller renovations are also being put into place here inside Dominic. The 300 hall’s bathrooms are very overdue for new construction and will be completely redone for students. A new maintenance shed will also be built behind the Dominican center to provide more space for our maintenance staff. Although these renovations are not as major, they will make St. Dominic a better and more enjoyable place for both students and faculty to spend their year.

While all of these exciting projects will be underway very soon, one specific project is still a few years ahead of us. In a few years, the plan is to have an extension built on the side of the school cafeteria. This building will hold a place for all types of sciences at St. Dominic and will enhance the abilities of research and projects in the sciences.

“It is going to add capacity for students and better abilities for some of the areas in our science and technology, engineering and robotics,” Welby said.

With so many exciting changes taking place in the near future, students and faculty can look forward to a great start to the 2019-2020 school year!