Graduation Recap

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Graduation Recap

Alyssa Buchheit, Copy Editor

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The day that the St. Dominic class of 2019 has looked forward to for so many years has come and gone. On Wednesday night, 195 senior students marched to the front of St. Joseph church in Cottleville and received their diplomas.

The graduation ceremony took place during a mass celebrated by Monsignor James Callahan from St. Joseph. Monsignor was joined by 20 other area priests, most of whom watched the graduation class grow up. President Jim Welby and salutatorian Emma Story welcomed the congregation of proud family and friends, and after communion, the ceremony began.

Dean of Students Mrs. Suzie Mennemeier announced the graduates’ names along with their academic achievements, and one by one the class of 2019 walked up the steps, shook hands with president Mr. Jim Welby or interim principal Ms. Cathy Fetter and received their diplomas.

“My time at St. Dominic went by unbelievably fast, and it is still hard to even comprehend that it is over. The ending is bittersweet though, because the opportunities St. Dominic offered me and the friendships I made are things I will always hold close to me. Our entire class came together to celebrate on Wednesday, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us,” senior Maddy Schnurr said.

After diplomas had been handed out, valedictorian Amina Islam gave her speech. She talked about how loving, kind and accepting the St. Dominic community is, reminding her peers to keep that attitude for their whole lives. She also observed that the future is out there waiting to be written, but that everyone should remember to take breaks and enjoy the life they will be working so hard for.

“Overall, I just wanted to send a message of peace and happiness. I also wanted to recognize everyone who helped me on my journey, and I wanted to remember Hailey and Colson, who I wish could have graduated with us. I hope all of my classmates lead successful, fulfilling lives that bring joy to both them and those around them,” Islam said.

After mass ended, graduation caps were tossed to the St. Dominic iconic chants of “Let’s Go” and “D-O-M-I-N-I-C.” Parents took seemingly every photo possible to remember the night, and at 10 p.m., project graduation began.

The lock-in lasted until 3 a.m., and the class of 2019 made the most of the night. Music, dancing, cartoon art, tattoos, a photo booth, swimming, rock climbing and raffle items filled the YMCA. The lucky raffle winners won everything from mini fridges to suitcases to televisions to bikes.

With this chapter of their lives closed, the newest Crusader alumni look to take the future by storm, whether it’s in college, work, the seminary or the army. We wish them the best and we will always welcome them back—once a Crusader, always a Crusader!

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