(French) Frying the Competition

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(French) Frying the Competition




Christian Hall, Staff Writer

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French fries come in many different shapes and sizes; however, only one fry can reign supreme.


Arby’s may be well known for their selective cuts of meat, but their curly fries are a hidden gem. The unique texture and fun shape makes eating Arby’s fries extra special. With a golden brown outside, Arby’s fries offer a crispy bite that any good fry should have. They also have a distinct taste that doesn’t remind you of any ordinary fried potato.

Rate: 10/10


Probably the epitome of a perfect fry size and shape would be McDonald’s classic fries. With the perfect amount of salt and a delectable breading, these crispy fries are the definition of prime American cuisine. The fries are a perfect pair with a variety of McDonald’s sauces as well. You can’t go wrong with McDonald’s fries and some sweet and sour sauce.

Rate: 9/10


Everyone knows and loves the crispy waffle fries that Chick-fil-A has to offer. The tasty side has won the hearts of America with its perfect seasoning and golden outside. The only problem with this tantalizing treat is the consistency. Some fries become a bit too crispy, altering the taste slightly. Also, with the waffle cut, you sometimes get more breading than potato.

Rate: 8/10


Freddy’s makes fantastic burgers and custard; however, their fries are a different story. The shoestring-style fries are often soggy and grow cold very quickly. Freddy’s fries are normally over-seasoned as well, hiding all the potato flavor beneath and defeating the point of the delicious Freddy’s sauce. However, Freddy’s redeeming factor is when you get lucky and bite into the crispy fries of a brand new batch.

Rate: 3/10

Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is a disappointment to the fry community. These bland crinkle-cut fries have nothing to offer and are just a space filler in the basket. Do yourself a favor and sub the Texas toast for the fries. If you choose to keep the fries, make sure to douse them in the Cane’s sauce to add flavor.

Rate: 2/10

Although five popular restaurants were reviewed, it’s only the tip of the french fry. Head out to your local fast food restaurants and be the critic of the greatest side on the planet.

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