Final Exams: Tips and Tricks

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Final Exams: Tips and Tricks

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

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Students are beginning to stress as the school year is coming to an end, with final exams a week away. In order to prevent procrastinating and to finish out the year strong, here are some tips and tricks that can help you score well on all your finals.

Make a Study Guide

An easy way to make a study guide is by creating a Quizlet. Quizlets are a great way to prepare and quiz yourself over a vast variety of material.

In addition, most teachers give study guides to students at least a week in advance. Finishing the study guide as soon as possible gives you more time to actually study for the test and allows you to ask the teacher for help if you can not find an answer to a question. Even if you are not given a study guide, it is important that you read through your notes and old tests from throughout the year to refresh what you learned in the beginning of the year or semester.

Ask Questions

Asking teachers questions about chapters that you did not fully understand or things you got wrong on an exam helps you refresh on and comprehend topics you struggle with. Before school, after school or during empower hour are the best times to talk to a teacher. These allow you to get one-on-one time and ask as many questions as needed. Try to make a list of all the topics or points you don’t understand so that you can ask an abundant amount of questions in the shortest amount of time possible. This lowers the amount of trips to the classroom, saving your precious time near finals.

Study a Couple Days Before

Don’t study the night before—give yourself a couple of days to study a small section each night before you go to bed. Studies show you are more likely to remember information if you sleep after studying because it allows the information to soak in while it is fresh in your brain. If you are too tired to focus at night, take advantage of free time during empower hour or after school. Procrastinating will only make you more stressed out and unprepared for the eight exams coming up.

“Don’t procrastinate, even if the test is two weeks away. You’ll tell yourself that every day, then the next thing you know the test is tomorrow and you haven’t started anything,” junior McKayla Overton said.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

A popular studying habit for high schoolers is pulling an all-nighter; however, doctors say staying up all night before a test will only lower your score. Sleep will help you focus and feel more confident the next day.

“Before you take a test for any subject, make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat decently and don’t study all at once,” history teacher Mr. Jason Asher said.

Take some of these suggestions to heart as you prepare for your final exams, and they will help you succeed. Good luck next week!

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