Mother’s Day Gifts


Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is time to throw out the generic flowers and card ideas! Here are some ideas to make your mom’s day even more special.

Flowers are a more basic idea—unless you can go out and plant them! Plant some flowers with your mom, and spend that quality time to get to know more about her.

For a homemade idea, make a “chore certificate.” Create a certificate that your mom can redeem for you to do at least one free chore with no complaining, no eye-rolling and no talking back. Make quite a few, or it won’t seem like such a great gift. Every mom loves a clean house!

“I always clean my house for my mom. It’s the thing she always loves the most,” junior Christian Hall said.

Another homemade gift is just a simple card. Very basic, but a card made by you is much more meaningful than any old card you can find at a dollar store!

Of course, who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Cooking a meal for your mom is not just taking a chore off her hands, but it is more special because it was made by you! Your mom would love to receive something that took your time, effort and love.

“I surprise my mom with breakfast in bed. I’ll make her some omelettes, maybe some pancakes or toast. And then you can’t forget the coffee!” sophomore Cate Cato said.

Every mom needs a massage! Moms do not typically tell their kids about every single stress they feel, but there are many! A massage is the perfect way to help your mom relax and unwind.

Something else that could really touch your mom’s heart is your whole family making it to church. If you do not often go to church with the family, your mom would most likely love if you attended!

If you do not end up using any of these ideas, just make sure you make your appreciation for your mom known, Moms do so much for us, they deserve all the love in the world!