St. Dominic’s Newest Seminarians: Ryan Box and Jack Scott


Christian Hall, Staff Writer

Whether you hear them leading prayer at the end of the day or see their friendly faces in the halls, everyone knows Ryan Box and Jack Scott; however, many may not know they are discerning their vocation to the priesthood at Kenrick Glennon Seminary in St. Louis next fall.

Ryan Box started seriously discerning entering the seminary during his junior year. He began to pray about it more frequently as it kept on popping up in his prayer life. Box was introduced to several seminarians at the March for Life his junior year, allowing him to make more connections within Kenrick Glennon Seminary and begin to pray about a vocation to the priesthood.

Unlike Box, Jack Scott has felt this calling since he was a child.

“The priesthood has been something that’s been on my mind and on my heart really for as long as I can remember. My mom told me that when I was in first grade I had a project about what I wanted to be when I grew up and wrote that I wanted to be a priest, so the feeling of a ‘call’ of sorts has always just kind of been there. My decision to enter seminary has definitely come about as a result of this, and really seems like the only natural next step in my discernment,” Scott said.

As both seniors accept God’s call, they are ready to further discern their vocation. Along the way, they have met some people to guide them. From priests to current seminarians, God placed other people in their lives to help figure out their calling.

“Father Zac Povis, Gerald Blessing and Henry Purcell have been extreme models of holiness and taught me to know and love our Savior, who has spoken to me through my discernment. Being able to experience the brotherhood of the seminarians, especially through Dominic grads Alex Cammarata and Michael Laugeman, has made a desire for myself to be a part of that fraternity. Lastly, experiencing the Catholic Church through ICD youth ministry has made me fall in love with our universal church and is what has continually allowed me to keep that desire to serve,” Box said.

Prayer has been a crucial part of the discernment process. Both men have found adoration and silent prayer the most beneficial, as God’s favorite language is silence. The “Come and See” retreat, a retreat held at the seminary to help high school boys discern the call to the priesthood, gave them an understanding of daily seminarian life and the ability to receive reassurance of God’s plan for them.

Although they both faced obstacles along their journey, the reckless love of God allowed them to overcome any fears or doubts and truly embrace their vocation. For others discerning, Scott recommends going one step further and visiting the seminary or convent you would like to enter, as well as realizing God’s call for you.

“If you do feel as if God may be calling you to the priesthood, I would definitely recommend attending a Come and See retreat because there’s really no better way to see what seminary life is like. However, it’s also important to realize that God is not calling you to the priesthood or religious life right now in this very moment—right now He is calling you to holiness and to be more like Him,” Scott said.

Box advises people to constantly pray and to remember the true purpose of vocations: to serve Christ and His Church.

“I would encourage all courageous young men and women to take their discernment day by day. Lastly, rather than strengthening our assurance of which vocation we are called to, I would encourage others to strengthen their personal relationship with Christ, because it is truly through Him that we are revealed His plan for us,” Box said.

Keep both seniors in your prayers as they continue to discern their vocation at Kenrick Glennon Seminary. If you feel called to enter the seminary or religious life, continue to pray and ask God, “How can I better serve you today?”