Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé: Review



Kyla Flor, Staff Writer

The Queen Bey has arrived, this time in the form of film, with a powerful and inspiring documentary that premiered on April 17. The movie follows Beyoncé’s eight month journey to her once-in-a-lifetime performance at Coachella, dubbed “Beychella,” back in 2018. It is now streaming on Netflix, but is it really worth seeing?

This two hour film begins with long clips of Beyoncé’s live performances from both weekends, which are seamlessly edited together. The viewer can see the intricacy of the set design, choreography and even the tiniest detail in the costumes through the different camera angles. Then, every once in a while, montages shot on a film camera show Beyoncé and her dancers a few months back preparing for the show.

These montages seem to resonate most with audiences and critics everywhere. The powerhouse Beyoncé shows a more candid and human side to her, as she talks of the struggles of getting back into shape after having twins with a voice-over. The documentary is also littered with inspiring quotes from important black historical figures such as Maya Angelou, W.E.B. DuBois and Toni Morrison. It seems as though the Queen Bey inserts herself directly into the narrative of history. This has caught the attention of celebrities who are fans of the singer. Michelle Obama posted a minute long video on social media thanking Beyoncé for the inspiration and her constant hard work in the industry.

As the writer, director and executive producer, Beyoncé shows that she has what it takes to be the ultimate creator, and that she has power in the industry. She shows her fans her demanding work ethic, and it is exactly how she wants us to see her.

This is a documentary not for casual viewers, but for admirers, fans and those part of the “Beyhive,” the nickname given to the Beyoncé fandom. If you fit into these categories or are just curious to see the Queen’s amazing performance, make sure to see it streaming on Netflix!

Rating: 8/10