Father Lane Celebrates 50 Years of Dedication

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

Father Bob Lane, a familiar face at St. Dominic, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination this year. As a previous chaplain, educator, soccer and baseball coach here, many know him well for having a huge impact on St. Dominic and inspiring many of his students and coworkers. Father Lane will celebrate this anniversary on Friday, June 7, at mass in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Father Lane has faithfully served as a priest for most of his life and will continue to do so even after the 50-year mark. As he said at our last all school mass on April 30, he loves being able to touch people’s lives.

Father Lane loves “… being involved with so many different people through teaching and coaching and everything and getting to know just a wide variety of people and I think hopefully making a difference in their lives,” Lane said.

Father Lane has led an exemplary life through his faith, leadership skills and his teachings, serving St. Dominic for 29 years as an educator and 44 years as our chaplain. Father Lane was “not really planning to teach,” but we are grateful that that’s where he ended up! He has inspired all around him and touched everyone he has met, especially here at St. Dominic, as well as assisting the school in various projects.

“I remember growth and especially the support of the whole community and all the construction we did. I was involved with all the different construction projects and finance… we relied on so many people, families, people that had companies and just everyone,” Father Lane said.

Father Lane is an important part of our community. He has brought so many people together through the construction he has helped with at St. Dominic and the masses that he leads. He teaches about God and changes lives through these teachings. He is an inspiration to the St Dominic community and will continue to inspire throughout the rest of his life.

In honor of his hard work and dedication, our community started the Fr. Bob Lane Scholarship Endowment two years ago. This endowment gives tuition assistance to incoming freshmen who show commitment to their faith and community.  This coming year will be the first year freshmen will receive scholarship money.

On the 50th anniversary of his ordination, we are all especially thankful for Father Bob Lane and all he has done, and we are happy to have celebrated our last all-school mass with him.