Prom Guide 2019


Maddie Herbert, Broadcast Writer

With prom right around the corner, juniors and seniors everywhere are preparing for the big day. Having to juggle school work while making sure every prom detail is perfect can get a little stressful. From getting ready to having the perfect night, here are a few tips to make sure prom 2019 will be the best one yet!

1. Spray Tan

My first tip is to make sure to get your spray tan a few days in advance and not get one the night before. We all know the struggle of having a spray tan that looks a little too orange for our liking. Getting a spray tan days in advance allows for it to fade to a more natural color. Plus, if it does turn out strange, you have time to fix it before the big night!

2. Hair

My second tip is to make sure your hair is tight and secured. An updo looks great on everyone, but it can also be a downer on the dance floor. People are jumping everywhere and your hair might fall down, so make sure your hair is held in place with a lot of bobby pins. You do not want to be fixing your hair every two seconds—trust me, it is not fun.

3.  Shoes

High heels make the whole prom look come together, but boy are they painful. Bring another pair of shoes, maybe flip flops or sandals, to wear after your pictures and the whole dance is over. The walk from the dance to the car is a long journey, and doing it in heels is a nightmare, so make sure to bring a back up pair of shoes!

4. Pictures

My fourth and final prom tip is to simply take pictures at Old Hickory. The venue is beautiful and perfect for photos, so there is no need to stress about where you should take pictures. Plus, the dance is right there, so you have more time to get all glammed up, instead of traveling across town to make it on time to the dance.

As prom is only a few days away, the stress about preparing for the long awaited night is heightened. With these four helpful tips, I hope that you can feel a bit more relaxed and excited for this magical experience!