All About “ME!”


Colby Koenig, Layout Editor

After nearly 6 months of cryptic Instagram posts and suspicious Swift behavior, Taylor Swift has finally released her new single, “ME!,” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco.

Swift’s powerful new song is all about embracing individuality and loving yourself. However, an inspiring message isn’t all this song has going for it.

With the triumphant production and contagious melody, Swift has secured herself yet another number one hit.

In addition to the new single, a Dave Meyers and Taylor Swift directed music video was released to the delight of her fans.

Pastel colors, rainbows and butterflies splash across the screen in this light-hearted and colorful video. With a couple of melting dresses and flying men, the visual effects are so surreal they feel like a lucid dream (in the best possible way).

Aside from the breathtaking visuals, the video is jam-packed with easter eggs for her hyper-attentive fans to scour through.

With 13 clouds, 7 briefcases and plenty of callbacks to her previous albums, her diehard fans, the Swifties, have had no time for boredom as they use their previously-flawed detective skills to decipher Swift’s hidden messages.

In recent months, fans have tried and failed to theorize correctly about upcoming music.

“I’m even more excited about the next chapter,” Swift said in October of 2018, which sent fans into a craze.

Since then, Swifty has been shifty. Her loyal fan base has been thoroughly dissecting her recent Instagram posts due to her lack of communication.

So much so, Swift had to clarify her intentions at the 2019 iHeart Radio Awards.

“I just wanted to let you know that when there is new music, you will be the first to know,” Swift said in response to her fans’ elaborate theories.

However, now that “ME!” is here and more music is on its way, it seems Taylor and the Swifties are finally thriving once again.

Watch the awesoME video here: