The New StuCo

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

StuCo elections for next year are over and the team has gained some exciting new faces, as well as keeping tried and true leaders in office.

Congratulations to freshman President Max Williams, Vice President Tori Larner and Secretary Patrick Klassen as they are all getting a taste of the StuCo experience next year.

“I’ve always been interested in StuCo and seeing how events in our school such as homecoming and pep rallies come to be. Being a student who wasn’t on StuCo last semester, I have seen some little things here and there in the school that could be better. I also thought that being a part of a StuCo group with my close friends Max Williams and Patrick Klassen would be fun, but I also knew we could get things done!” Larner said.

The sophomores will also have a new leader going into their junior year. Secretary Claire Schnurr and Vice President Elizabeth Petruso are returning with a new president, Will Nicholson. If you do not know him, Will is a transfer from DeSmet, and he has some big plans for the class next year.  

“I would say my biggest plans are to just bring the school spirit up, because here we don’t really have the best school spirit. I want to find new ways to make our school’s community more unified through school spirit, because attendance at all sports events is pretty sad to see. I want to include more pep rallies, and through the use of the new house system we’re getting next year, I’m hoping to able to find ways to use that to get more people to want to do more for the school,” Nicholson said.

St. Dominic’s coming senior class will be led by returning StuCo members President Joey Pescarino, Vice President Mary Allen and Secretary Sean Thomas. They plan to continue on their journey of helping the community and improving the school. They have already gotten us off school the day after Halloween!

One of the team’s goals is to get the cafeteria to sell bottled soda, a goal that Pescarino has been frequently pushing for during his years in office.

“For next year we really want to try and get the normal soda as Joey was so close to getting it passed; that would be a big thing for us,” Thomas said.

StuCo for 2019-2020 is prepared to make sure we all have the best year possible. From homecoming to pep rallies to days off, they will keep up our spirit and keep us happy!