The True Story Behind Breakthrough


Katie Donnelly, Staff Writer

Opening on April 17, the new film Breakthrough is based on the miraculous true story that took place right here in our hometown. Breakthrough tells the unforgettable story of a day that brought terror to a family in the city of Wentzville, Missouri.

On a cold January afternoon, a young boy named John Smith and his friends were playing on a frozen lake in Wentzville. Suddenly, the ice started to crack and John Smith and his two friends plummeted into the freezing cold water. Paramedics were called, and they arrived on the scene as soon as possible. While both of his friends were rescued, John Smith remained at the bottom of the lake, where he laid for 15 minutes. His lifeless body was eventually retrieved by first responders, and he was immediately transferred to St. Joseph Hospital. There, CPR was performed for an additional 43 minutes, but there was still no heartbeat.

John’s mother, Joyce, arrived at the hospital as soon as possible and immediately began to pray over the body of her son in her grief and fear.

“The minute I prayed ‘Holy Spirit, please come and give me back my son!’ his heartbeat started,” Joyce said.

Before her prayers, John laid lifeless for an hour, and the doctors were expecting to tell Joyce that her son was dead. Even after multiple organ failures and little brain function, John miraculously made a full recovery. John had no memory of the accident and didn’t suffer any permanent physical harm. Joyce gives complete credit to faith and prayer.

The movie Breakthrough is completely inspired by this miraculous story. With the opening date in the near future, the true story of John Smith is worth seeing. Since this accident occured right here in our hometown, the movie theaters will surely be packed, so don’t forget to buy your ticket!