2019 SDHS Summer Camps


Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

With the end of the school year approaching fast, St. Dominic summer camps are gearing up and available for sign up. Anyone from third grade to seniors in high school can participate in camps for any sport from the winter, fall and spring. In addition, the summer play, culinary arts, creative writing and virtual science camp are all great options to get in on.

As well being a recruitment tool to reach out to grade school kids, the camps allow high schoolers to stay involved with the community during their long break.

“Summer camp is a good way to reach out to our community feeder programs and schools to get kids interested. As far as high school camps go, it gives kids an opportunity to stay involved throughout the summer and be involved with their teammates and friends,” Mr. Kevin Roberts said.

The dates and times for the sports camps are all different, so anyone can participate in multiple sports that they are interested in. For more information for a specific sport, go to the St. Dominic website and click your sport. The icon will tell you the grades offered at the time, cost, date, time and location.

If you are not into sports, the theatre summer play is a great way to get involved. You have the opportunity to be a part of the cast or crew, but spaces are limited, so make sure to sign up quickly.

“For freshmen, the summer play is a great stepping stone into our program here at St. Dominic. Also, it’s a great community, a great way to be a part of a family and it’s intense but fun,” Mrs. Melfreya Findley said.

Some newer additions to the summer camps this year are culinary arts, creative writing and virtual science camp.

Culinary Arts Camp is run by ABC Chefs Academy. There are morning sessions for early birds and afternoon sessions for those who enjoy sleeping in. In the cafeteria, students will be able to bake cookies, cakes and more delicious desserts. New baking techniques will be taught each day for grades third to twelfth.

A less messy camp is the creative writing camp. Students will practice writing short stories, and at the end of the camp, the stories will be published into one book and donated to Crisis Nursery. Junior Carly Nims created the summer camp after lots of time to propose and organize the camp.

“I really want to share my love for writing with people, and even if you don’t want to go into a career with writing, it is still helpful to write your thoughts and emotions down and I want to be able to help people with that,” said Nims.

Another exciting camp to take part in is virtual science. This camp will take place in the Z-space room, and students will be able to explore many different subjects and interests. They will work with arts and sculptures, biology, anatomy and many more. With so many subjects to explore, everyone will be able to find a pursuit that they will thoroughly enjoy.

There are many fun and great opportunities to become part of the St. Dominic community this summer, so don’t be afraid to try something new!