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Main(stream) Media

Cam Peters, Staff Writer

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Gone are the days of VCRs and CDs. In the past decade, streaming services have become the norm for watching all your favorite movies and TV shows, and the big three competitors are hashing it out for customers.


Founded in 1997, Netflix is the leading app for streaming right now. The monthly subscription options are $8.99 per month, $12.99 per month and $15.99 per month, dependent on which plan you would like. In January, Netflix supplied over 139 million paid subscribers and over 148 million overall with unlimited watching services of TV shows, movies and documentaries. A member of the Motion Picture Association of America, they are the seventh largest internet company in the world. Netflix offers must-watch TV shows such as The Office, Friends and Stranger Things for their millions of worldwide watchers to enjoy.


Up and coming on the list of streaming services, Hulu has quickly climbed the ladder to the second spot on this list. Founded on October 29, 2007, this service is owned by Hulu LLC, which is a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company, Comcast and AT&T. Hulu is available only in the United States and Japan but is still a high quality streaming service for people wanting to watch recent TV shows and movies. Its basic monthly subscription plan is priced at $5.99, with the ad-free package at $11.99 per month, which is very reasonable compared to other streaming services.


Finally, Amazon Studios is a newer streaming service whose focus is around television shows and movies produced in the studios. With monthly memberships at $6.49 and $12.99 per month, the prices are quite reasonable for their services. For this streaming service, people submit the script for their show idea to Amazon, where it is reviewed by the staff and possibly chosen to be streamed on their service platform. It is a great streaming service for up and coming directors and is definitely a service to check out!

Overall, you can’t really go wrong. All three of these streaming services have their own strengths and weaknesses and are all priced very reasonably. Whichever one you choose, you will be able to watch high quality shows and movies at decent prices, compared to normal television plans and or attending movie theatres.

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