Sour Soul: A Collaboration for the Ages

Sour Soul: A Collaboration for the Ages

Bennett Brase

Wu-Tang Clan figurehead Ghostface Killa and Toronto-based jazz trio BadBadNotGood have teamed up up to produce some of the most solid music to come out of either of their musical catalogs.

When we think of jazz, we don’t always think of hip-hop and vice-versa. However, the young jazz trio BadBadNotGood has been pushing musical boundaries since their first release in 2011, integrating elements of electronic music into their sound, doing numerous hip-hop covers and interpretations, and even collaborating with hip-hop artists such as Tyler, The Creator and Pharoahe Monch. That’s why I was beyond excited when they announced that they would be releasing a full length album in collaboration with Ghostface Killa, one of the few Wu-Tang Clan members to continue releasing music consistently in the past few years. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

Instrumentally, BBNG is at their finest, stripping back a bit on the lush production sound they favored on their last record, but remaining inventive nonetheless. Each song is full of grade-A contributions from each member of the trio. Ghostface seems to be on his best behavior as well, keeping his vibrant east-coast inflection alive with every line he delivers. As a pioneer in hardcore and experimental hip-hop since the early ’90s, we’re really only getting more of the same from Ghostface at this point, but he seems to always be on his game.

Overall, this album is extremely well put together. Yes, there were some moments that were less enticing than others, but there wasn’t a single song that I took a disliking to. With the guys from BBNG quickly making a name for themselves in the music production game, every musical element on this album was highlighted with finesse. Not to mention, Sour Soul comes through with quite the feature list too, boasting guest verses from MF DOOM, Danny Brown and more. I’m feeling a strong 8 stars out of ten on this album, and if you’re a hip-hop head, or just a fan of experimental music, I’d highly recommend that you check it out.