Spring Break Spots

Anna Fernandez, Staff Writer

With spring break right around the corner, some students are packing their bags and heading to the beach, while others are wondering what to do at home with their spare time. From snacks to shops, here are six spring break spots for those who are stuck in St. Louis.

Picasso’s Coffee House

From bagels to burgers, Picasso’s Coffee House is the place to be if you are looking for a cozy atmosphere and delicious food. Picasso’s, located in St. Charles, serves  latte lovers and food fanatics from breakfast to dinner. Along with the coffee and meals, Picasso’s serves up a side of live music that continues to bring the customers back for more.

The Loop

This can’t miss stop is packed with many attractions and excitement, but the two most popular are Fitz’s and Snow Factory. At Fitz’s Bottling Company, customers can enjoy a fresh bottle of root beer and enjoy a meal while watching the workers bottle the soda behind them. Just down the road at Snow Factory, visitors can also watch the workers make the ice cream right before their eyes. Head on down to the Loop this break for dinner and a show.

Main Street

For the students who want to stay closer to home, Main Street in St. Charles is the place to go. Students can shop the streets in the morning for clothes, decor and cute trinkets, and also enjoy a night out on the town. Main Street is home to many unique stores for the shoppers and restaurants for the foodies.

The Gateway Arch

Take a trip downtown and a tram to the top of the Gateway Arch to discover amazing views of the St. Louis area. At 630 feet up in the air, citizens of St. Louis are given the opportunity to learn about the old, historic parts of St. Louis while checking out new developments. A trip to the top includes exploring exhibits, taking a tram and a riverfront cruise.

The St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is filled with over 18,000 animals and 700 different species for the safari spring breakers. With free entry into the park, visitors are allowed to run wild. However, the time of the day that can not be missed is feeding time, which features the penguins, tree kangaroos and the beloved sea lions. Don’t forget to stop by and watch them make a splash!


For the more active spring breakers, St. Louis offers many places perfect for hiking. Two parks that are sure to stratify your nature needs are Castlewood State Park, located off of  Highway 141 in Ballwin, and the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is perfect for working out with a view, and for the more slow paced hikers, St. Louis offers Castlewood State Park, brimming with trails, wildlife and breathtaking views.

Enjoy the break, Crusaders, and don’t miss out on these six spring break stops!