Spring Fashion Trends 2019

Maddie Herbert, Broadcast Writer

With warm weather springing around the corner, everyone is hurrying to fill their closet with new clothes to stay in style. This spring, fashion trends are jumping back to the 90s. From cheetah print to platform shoes, here are four spring fashion trends for you to keep up with in 2019!

Cheetah Print

Animal print is back, baby, and we all know what that means: cheetah print galore! You can find cheetah print on everything, including tops, skirts, jackets, shoes and even scrunchies. With spring break right around the corner, make sure to get your hands on some cheetah print clothes for the perfect spring ensemble!

Mom Jean Shorts

It’s the 90s again, and everyone everywhere is sporting mom jeans. These high waisted denim shorts are the comfiest and trendiest shorts out there and will make any outfit complete. From Pacsun to Target, mom jean shorts are available for everyone!

Neon Colors

If you are looking for a theme instead of a specific clothing item, neon colors are shining bright this spring! Celebrities everywhere are styling outfits with pink, blue, orange and more. You can spice up any outfit just by adding a neon color. Whether it’s having neon nails or neon clothes, you will be the trendiest girl around.

Platform Shoes

This spring season, platform shoes are the hot new thing. These shoes not only make you taller, but they are great addition to any outfit. From platform vans to sandals, platform shoes will make any outfit complete!

As the warm weather is settling in, many people are on the hunt for some trendy clothes for spring. Instead of the typical summer outfit, the 90s trends are back and here to stay this season. With mom jean shorts, neon colors and all kinds of throwback styles, spring fashion will surely top the charts!