Run the Race


Cate Cato, Staff Writer

Run the Race, a Tim Tebow faith-based film, blew audiences out of the water with its powerful messages of love, forgiveness, redemption and steadfast faith.

The movie focuses on the relationship between two teenage boys and God, but that doesn’t mean all audiences can’t enjoy the film. Along with faith, Run the Race is also about determination in playing football and track, which has a lot of potential to pull even more teenagers into the movie theater.

In Run the Race, two teenage boys struggle with the loss of their mother and try to make it on their own after the abandonment of their father, who suffers addictions to drugs and alcohol. Zack Truett, the eldest boy, is an all-star athlete who finds glory on the football field and is striving to earn a scholarship so he and his brother, Dave Truett, can escape their small town, Bessemer. After Zack injures himself and can’t perform on the football field, his younger brother Dave, who also got injured playing football and now deals with seizures, has to step up and run track for a scholarship.

Throughout these trials, Zack is struggling with his faith and must learn to put God first so that he can heal and be there for his brother. Zack’s girlfriend is a source of encouragement and inspiration in his faith, and she tries to help him understand the endless love of God even when her help doesn’t always work. The tragic loss of Dave before the big track meet actually makes Zack draw closer to God.

Run the Race is a heart-warming movie that will bring anyone to tears. The determination of the boys and Zack’s journey to faith is truly inspiring.