The Jonas Brothers are Burnin’ Up Once Again

Maddie Herbert, Broadcast Writer

After over six years of silence, the famous trio, the Jonas Brothers, are back and better than ever! With the release of their new song “Sucker” on February 28, the world is burning up over the return of Nick, Joe and Kevin.

Their new tune and style is topping the charts everywhere and stealing the hearts of girls all around the world. The song itself is a long awaited masterpiece that will have anyone singing in seconds. The song, which talks about being a sucker for someone, has a pop vibe with a dash of R&B, making it the perfect ensemble for 2019.

They even released a music video to accompany the debut. With over 43 million views on YouTube, the video is making fans yell S.O.S for more.

“We really had the best time shooting this video in England with our family. Hope you guys love it. Feels good to be back,” the Jonas Brothers said.

Even though this is only the first song to be released, the Jonas Brothers are working on creating many more songs and projects to come. In the meanwhile, they are keeping busy with press so make sure to tune in to see what the Jonas Brothers have in store!

The silence of the Jonas Brothers has been broken and people everywhere could not be happier. The song “Sucker” is a sweet sound that no one should live without hearing; plus, how can one not be a sucker for the Jonas Brothers?