Grow Closer to Christ: A Guide For A Meaningful Lent


Kayla Merkle and Grace Koeller

As we prepare our hearts for remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during this Lenten season, let us humble ourselves by offering up what could be our deepest passions, hardest struggles or new beginnings to Him as a small sacrifice in return for His life-giving sacrifice.

What many don’t realize is that giving something up during the season Lent isn’t the only option. Changing up our routine in little or big ways helps keep our focus on preparing for Jesus’s death and resurrection—the main goal. A great way to do this is by adding something new into our daily routines.

Going to Daily Mass
Every parish offers a daily Mass. Receiving the Eucharist daily provides a beautiful connection to Christ and is a constant reminder of His love for us. It may be a challenge to get up bright and early for 6:30 a.m. Mass before school every once in awhile, but it keeps the focus on God and off of our comfort zone.

Volunteer/Donate Goods

Get a group of friends or family and find some way to help those in need. It can be as simple as pulling some clothes out of the closet to donate, or as big as working at a soup kitchen or praying at an abortion clinic. Nevertheless, not only will it help those in need, but it will humble and prepare our hearts for Easter.

Pray the Stations of the Cross Regularly

The Stations of the Cross are something beautiful to meditate on this Lenten season. They are a constant reminder of the pain and suffering Jesus endured for all of us. Most parishes have a step-by-step walk through every Friday during Lent (usually ending with a fish fry!), or you can pray it on your own—whatever is best for your Lenten journey! Assumption in O’Fallon even offers a “Walk the Walk” Stations of the Cross towards the end of Lent to experience a blindfolded walk as if actually on Calvary as Jesus was.

While adding a new step to your prayer and service routine is a big blessing, giving  something up is also a great sacrifice to make. After 40 days, it may even become something that we don’t find important to have in our lives anymore!

Limit Screen Time

Whether it be giving up only certain social medias, Netflix, cutting back a few hours or giving it up all together—this is one of the most refreshing and challenging ones to do. It is shocking just how much time we all spend on some form of screen. Taking it away temporarily can truly give us a new perspective, especially during Lent.

Give Up a Bad Habit

This Lenten sacrifice is great way to offer up our own bad habits to Christ. Not only will this be a challenge, but will motivate us to keep fighting the habit, even after Easter! Whether it be gossiping, swearing, complaining or anything else keeping you from God—offer it up this Lent!

Suffer a Little
Lastly, this is one of the more challenging options to give up for Lent. Sometimes we take for granted our little blessings like having a pillow at night, or hot water for a shower. This Lent, try to give something of that sort up, so we can always remember what a blessing it is in the midst of suffering without it.

These are just a few of the many possibilities to have a humbling Lenten season. Always remember that even if we stumble along the way, no matter what is decided to offer up, our Lord sees and appreciates it. He died so that we may live, so live your best life this Lent!