Getting The Glory: SDHS Students Recognized With Glory of Missouri Awards


Kate Ryan

These students will be honored at the State Capitol on March 5.

Grace Wallis, Staff Writer

Another year has come and gone, and another set of incredible St. Dominic High School sophomores have been recognized for Glory of Missouri Awards. From Progress to Knowledge to Enterprise, sophomores gained recognition for the virtues they live out every day.

The Glory of Missouri Award is an honor given by the Missouri State House of Representatives that recognizes students that best represent the 14 qualities engraved in the ceiling of the state capitol in Jefferson City.

There were 14 St. Dominic sophomores who were honored with the awards:
Law – Stephen Reid

Enterprise – Emily Bross

Equality – Anna Clark

Justice – Elizabeth Petruso

Honor – Joseph Hogan

Knowledge – Brody Luektenhaus

Education – Eli Fogarty

Temperance – Charlie Wehde

Charity – Mollie Fogarty

Fraternity – Kennedy Mueller

Virtue – Andrew Belarde

Truth – Josie Pagano

Progress – Elianna Hagan

Liberty – Mary Ellen Raymo

Each of the virtues the students were recognized with hold a different meaning. Charlie Wehde, the sophomore honored with the Glory Award for Temperance, understands the importance of this virtue in daily life.

“Everyday life is full of choices, and I believe that having Temperance helps with even the littlest of those. Keeping a level head and knowing what is best for me is how I keep my judgement clear,” Wehde said.

To be recognized for such virtues is an incredible honor and an admirable recognition which is not at all underappreciated by the sophomores. Emily Bross, member of the Robotics team, received the award for Enterprise.

“I am honored to be recognized for Enterprise and that others value my ideas and management,” Bross said.

The recipients will attend a ceremony at the State Capitol on March 5 to be recognized by representative Nick Schoer. If you see one of these 14 sophomores, be sure to congratulate them!