Goldfish vs. Cheez-its


Cam Peters, Staff Writer

 One of the great debates of St. Dominic is the famed Goldfish vs Cheez-its debate. For many years, people have been taking sides on which tastes better, which texture is more pleasing and many more aspects of the two foods. There are many differences between the two, so here’s a close look at the famous foods.


The first of the two is the flavor-packed square. This snack comes in a variety of flavors: Hot & Spicy, Cheddar Jack, Bacon and Cheddar and the always trustworthy original. The variety of flavors is unmatched by most other snack foods. However, one downfall of the Cheez-It company is the Extra Toasty flavor. The Cheez-Its are too tough and do not show the true flavor that can be found in other styles. Overall, the Cheez-It brand does a fantastic job of incorporating many flavors into their food and shaking things up with each new release.


The latter of the two is “the snack that smiles back.” These little fish are full of flavor, all 30 kinds of them. The saltiness, along with sweetness of the flavors, enhances your experience with each bite. Goldfish does a great job of balancing the cheesiness and the saltiness into a perfect combination for everyone to enjoy. One downside of the Goldfish brand is the blandness in the flavors. Many people put Cheez-its above Goldfish in their snack rankings, and credit it to the blandness of the fish. Overall, though, they are a high quality snack for any grab and go situation.

All in all, the great debate can be settled by one teacher, Mr. Chris Fechtel.

“Cheez-its are far superior in taste, color and texture.  Not even close,” Fechtel said.

Cheez-Its vs. Goldfish may be a topic for discussion for many, many years, but both sides have valid arguments for each snack. If you are looking for a quick snack that satisfies all your desires, either of these are great options for you.