Imagine an Album This Good


Christian Hall, Staff Writer

We can all say “thank you, next” to Sweetener and hello to pop singer Ariana Grande’s newest album, thank u, next. With 12 songs, Grande lives up to the expectations, providing 45 minutes of pure enjoyment.

After only six short months, Grande released her fifth studio album thank u, next on February 8. After facing many personal issues, including calling off her engagement with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson and the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, Grande decided to make another album focusing on self love and growth. She also shows off her versatile vocal range, especially on the ballad “imagine,” singing several high notes and whistle notes that not many other artists can hit.

Many of the songs focus on relationships. On “NASA,” Grande makes a play on aspects of the solar system while talking about “needing space” to strengthen their relationship. “bad idea” portrays Grande trying to numb the pain she feels from past relationships.

Grande gets real about the many struggles she has faced recently. On “fake smile,” she is done with acting like everything is fine after she has been through so much. In the past few years, Grande has dealt with a bombing at a Manchester concert, several messy relationships and mental health problems, and she can no longer pretend to be happy. “in my head” talks about Grande creating the perfect version of someone, when in reality, he/she is not the person in her head. She elaborates by singing “They see Cain and I see Abel.” She also struggled with coping with the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who overdosed. “ghostin” portrays the problems Grande had with dealing with Miller’s death while dating Pete Davidson.

With singles “thank u, next” and “7 rings” becoming instant hits, Grande had to make sure other singles could live up to the hype. “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” was released as a single and music video the same day as the album and can stand against the other songs. The song reminds fans of the sultry style of her album Dangerous Woman. The music video reveals the “girlfriend” is actually Grande, and she wants the boyfriend to break up with her so she can focus on herself.

Ariana Grande has much to offer on her newest album and continues her legacy as a pop princess. Whether you are a fan of Grande or not, thank u, next definitely has a song for all pop lovers.