Toe-Tapping Into Country Line Dancing

Jessica Bodmer, Staff Writer

There are many fantastic clubs available at St. Dominic, and a unique one is country line dancing. The upbeat music, fun moves and new friends will for sure keep you on your feet and in the doors.

New dances are taught every meeting by junior Bailey Lawless, who created the club.

“I’ve been dancing since kindergarten, so I teach everyone dances that I know or have learned,” Lawless said.

The simple steps and friendly atmosphere will allow you to enjoy your time even if you are new. Country line dancing is a great way to spend time with old friends and even make some new ones while doing something you love.

“I love dancing and always want to learn new kinds of dances,” junior Bri Pulliam said.

Even if you are not a country fan, moving to a catchy beat is a great way to distract from school. Dancing helps loosen your joints and gives your brain a break from concentrating on homework, so you will be ready to conquer the next class after Empower Hour.

More and more members join the club every day and it is always improving. They are looking to make T-shirts and even venture on field trips.

If you are looking for something fun and different to try, country line dancing is a fantastic club to join!