Five Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst Holiday


Kyla Flor

Senior Maddie Herbert.

Maddie Herbert, Broadcast Writer

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples everywhere are getting ready for the big day. But what about all the single ladies and gentlemen out there? From paying hundreds for a gift, to not having a significant other to share the day with, here are five reasons why Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday ever.

1. Single Life

Being single can be tough sometimes, but especially on this specific day of the year. Couples everywhere are bragging about how happy they are together, making the single person, like me, feel sad and alone. Why do we need a whole day to commemorate our loneliness?

2. Extra Calories

The only good part about this holiday is the excess amounts of candy sold and eaten. You can eat candy because you are in a relationship, or you can eat candy and wallow in sadness about being single. The downside is that you’re eating a whole day’s worth of calories solely through candy and chocolate covered strawberries. But hey, maybe crying about this horrible holiday will burn the calories away.

3. Wasting Money

It’s 2019 and every holiday has become a commercialized day for companies to make money, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. From teddy bears to flowers, this day can get pretty expensive. Why do people have to spend so much money on someone to show how much they love them, when they should show their appreciation for each other regardless of the day of the year?

4. The Stress of Buying the Perfect Gift

We all know buying gifts is hard, but it is especially difficult on Valentine’s Day. I mean, what are you even supposed to get for someone you like? Buying for girls is easy. We love flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, and you can pretty much get them at any grocery store. Buying for guys, well, that is a whole different story. They do not want flowers or chocolate, so what are we supposed to buy for them?

5. Galentine’s Day

Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend when you have your friends? Instead of incubating yourself in bed this Valentine’s Day, try having a Galentine’s Day or even a Palentine’s Day with all your best friends. Spending time with your girls or boys will make all the stress of this horrible day go away!

If Cupid did not strike you with his arrow this year, it’s okay! We have all been there. From eating too much candy to spending an entire life’s savings on a present, I declare Valentine’s Day the worst holiday to ever exist!