“Heartbreak” This Valentine’s Day


Darby Duncan, Media Editor

This year, Valentine’s Day will be a little less exciting as the iconic conversation hearts will not be on the shelves. Single people and couples alike are mourning the loss of their beloved Valentine’s Day candy this year. But no need to worry, the colorful candy should be back on the shelves next year.

Necco has been producing the candy hearts since 1866, but the company filed for bankruptcy and went out of business last year. However, Spangler Candy Co. bought Necco and vowed to keep the fan-favorite candies around. Even with their vow, the company announced they would not have enough time to make the hearts for this Valentine’s Day, claiming that they take around 11 months to produce enough hearts to meet demands, leaving everyone heartbroken.

“I am very upset that they decided to stop making candy hearts. Candy hearts might possibly be my favorite candy and it is very sad that they did not make them this year. One might even say it’s heart-breaking,” sophomore Sophia Juergensmeyer said.

However, others don’t mind the shortage at all, saying that the hearts are not appetizing and they prefer other candy instead.

“It’s not that important to me because I only eat the Sweet Tart ones anyways,” senior Carissa Schultz said.

Whether you’re happy or heartbroken, everyone will notice a little something missing this Valentine’s Day. However, many other companies are trying to make up for the candy heart shortage. Krispy Kreme has decided to make conversation doughnuts this year, available until February 14. They will be selling heart-shaped doughnuts, filled with delicious fillings and complete with cute sayings, just like the original candy.

Brach’s will still be selling candy hearts this year as well. While they are not the original candies, Brach’s hearts are a close second. If Brach’s candy hearts aren’t good enough for you, then you can always purchase a pack of original Necco hearts online; however, prices are very high.

This years Valentine’s Day will just not be the same without Necco’s beloved conversation hearts. Hopefully everyone can get their hands on some kind of replacement, whether it be Brach’s hearts or Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts, as we all await Valentine’s Day of 2020 when the heartbreak will end.