Tumbling and Turning into AAA Conference

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Tumbling and Turning into AAA Conference

Alyssa Buchheit, Staff Writer

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The St. Dominic varsity dance and competition cheer teams spent their Saturday winning hardware. Placing first and third respectively, both teams look back on their season, while dance team also looks forward to their upcoming state competition.

The dance team was up first, and they left everything out on the floor with their mix routine.

“After we finished, I knew we had hit. We were one of the only teams who had a lot of communication throughout our dance,” senior Cece Cornett said.

The dancers had been practicing for three hours almost every day for the past two weeks, and the hard work paid off. The girls beat out Borgia, who they had never scored higher than before, and claimed their first title of AAA Conference champions.

“Even though there are not many teams in the AAA Conference, the competition is fierce, and I am so excited we came out on top,” Cornett said.

The dance team will continue leaping and turning their way to victory as they prepare for their state competition on February 23. They will perform both their mix and jazz numbers, so make sure to fill the stands of the St. Charles Family Arena at 9:09 and 10:57 a.m.

On the other hand, the competition cheer team wrapped up their season at the AAA Conference competition. The girls fit practices in wherever they could, even working on their routine before basketball games. All the practice was worth it, though, as the cheerleaders placed third.

“I’ve been doing cheer for a couple of years, and these have been the best competitions and year I’ve had. The last time we did our routine was definitely the best we have ever done it,” senior Carissa Schultz said.

As expected, the competition was bittersweet for Schultz and all the other seniors on the team.

“It’s always super exciting and intense before competitions, and we always get ready together. I’m going to miss the whole experience, but especially those team bonding moments,” Schultz said.

With the 2018-2019 competition cheer team’s legacy set into stone, the returning cheerleaders look to improve for next year in hopes of taking home the title.

Congratulations cheerleaders and dancers on all of the success you have had this season!

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