Super Bowl 53: A Matchup For The Books


Mark Maske

Olivia Skiljan, Staff Writer

February 3 is the day football fans all around have been waiting for. The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will face off at the Gillette Stadium in Atlanta to fight for the Super Bowl LIII title.

Both teams have had an incredible season, but The Patriots are favored to win. Some may call it The Patriots effect, but this will be their third year in a row being favored. Although the Rams have had a fantastic season, it feels as if you can’t bet against the Patriots in these types of situations.

This year is said to be an explosion of offense in football. New England has a powerful offensive line, which is tough to deal with, but Los Angeles has a different yet similar offense as well. The Rams are have said to do three or four different plays and make them look the same. This makes plays complex and hard to figure out for both coaches and players.

With both teams equally matched, they will have to fight hard for the title. They have worked hard to get here and it shows on the field. The teams are physically and mentally prepared to leave everything they have on the field Sunday night. Coaches, players and fans alike have been waiting for February 3, for what seems like an eternity.

Although many fans support both of these teams, the Rams-Patriots is not a great combination when it comes to ticket sales. Michael Lipman is a well-known reseller who has bought and resold for more than thirty years. He says the combination of one team without a large traveling fan base, being the Rams, and a team that has played in eight out of the last 17 Super Bowls, being the Patriots, has brought no buyers and decreased prices. Even though the matchup is different and not well liked, both teams have worked hard to get where they are and our going to play with everything they have no matter what people say or what happens.