Health Above All: 2019


Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

Health is at the center of most people’s New Year’s resolutions. Being healthy is a struggle on a different level for each person. Everyone’s body is unique, and to be as healthy as you can be, you have to figure out what health plan works best for your body. There are several different ways to ensure you are being the best you you can be. Strong mental health combined with strong physical health proves to be the perfect way to stay happy and in shape.

Staying physically fit doesn’t just include working out… you also have to find a healthy eating plan that works for you. When someone wants to lose weight, their first thought is to just eat less. This is a common mistake among all of those trying to slim down. When losing weight, cutting out all foods is the worst mistake you can make. You should eat three meals a day and eat in reasonable portions at each meal. The best way to form good eating habits is to eat a nutrient-balanced diet.

While eating healthy is important when trying to stay fit, physical activity goes hand in hand with healthy dieting. Physical activity, no matter how small, can be extremely beneficial. A short walk, jog or cardio workout daily is scientifically proven to improve mood and mental health. Physical activity helps you feel refreshed and nourishes concentration.

There are plenty of ways to get in a daily workout. Gyms such as Club Fitness or fitness classes like Orange Theory are big with St. Dominic students right now. If you don’t have access to a gym, the fitness center here at St. Dominic is open to students almost all the time.

You can exercise every single day and eat as healthy as can be, but all of that work goes down the drain if you don’t have strong mental health. Being in a healthy state of mind is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has proved to be a good way to release stress and improve mental state. Another great way to release the stress built up from the day is meditation. Calming your mind and body through meditation and reflecting on your day can be an excellent way to release stress. Doing your best to live a stress free and happy lifestyle will help you work towards being healthy overall.

As easy as it is to give up on your resolution, do your best to start off 2019 healthy and ready to take on the next 12 months. Let the excitement of the new year be a way to motivate you to start the year right. This year, put your health goals and New Year’s resolutions into action to better yourself both inside and out. Being healthy takes time and commitment, but make it a habit and your body will thank you for it!