A Vibrant Beginning to 2019

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A Vibrant Beginning to 2019

Wade Howdeshell, Staff Writer

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A glorious new year was welcomed into the world last Monday, and each culture rang it in with their own rich and unique traditions. From one corner of the earth to the other, cities celebrated New Year’s Eve with epic displays of national identity!

New York

Citizens of New York take pride in the famous musical performances and ball drop every December 31. With enthusiastic hosts, a lively, massive crowd and even a rainstorm, all visitors will remember this year’s party as one for the books!


As the bells of Big Ben tolled, the city of London greeted 2019 with a brilliant firework show above the London Eye. The mayor described his desire that the fireworks should remind others of London’s desire to stay constant, yet open to change.


Australians stared at the Sydney light show in shock when a terrible, yet hilarious, error was made. The colorful display read “Happy New Year 2018!” In spite of the silly mistake, the sights of the beautiful Sydney Harbor were a great start to 2019.


Egyptians greeted their relatives and friends with “kol sana we enta tayeb” and welcomed 2019 with the rise of the crescent moon. The year’s beginning features large meals, colorful garments and gifts for children of dolls made of sugar.


Spaniards revel in the rich traditions of “Nochevieja” with a custom unlike any other: the 12 grapes. Upon each of the strokes of midnight, one grape is to be consumed. These symbolize good luck and aspirations for the new year.


China has not yet not reached 2019, the Year of the Pig. On February 5, the people of China will celebrate with a variety of traditions such as the ringing of bells and dragon dancing.


The French celebrate New Year’s with trips to vineyards after attending Mass. Aside from eating treats such as king’s cake to celebrate the upcoming Feast of the Epiphany, the first day of the year is spent in quiet celebration with family.


Do not walk through Italian streets on New Year’s Eve! A popular tradition involves throwing old objects from upper-story windows. This symbolizes moving on from the old year and making room for the new one.

The world’s New Year’s traditions are vibrant and diverse. When 2020 rolls around, make sure to have a few grapes, try some king’s cake or ring a bell to welcome a prosperous new year!









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