Giving More by Spending Less


Anna Fernandez, Staff Writer

The Christmas season is filled with presents, but this year you can skip the stressful shopping and give more by spending less.  

Current junior Maggie O’Toole shared her favorite way to give more while spending less during the holiday season. Each year Maggie and her family join together for a day of holiday baking.

“The weekend before my grandmother’s holiday party, my sisters and I all help my mom in the kitchen. We create an assembly line of baking, decorating and putting cookies in tins,” said O’Toole.

Maggie and her family give more by making memories together each year while simultaneously giving back those around them.

Another junior, Lily McKnight, spends her holiday season giving back through the gift of music. Every Christmas, McKnight and her family gather a big group of friends and family to go caroling at a nursing home.

“This is a really fun tradition because it allows us to see the sheer joy on their faces. Some of them don’t get many visitors, so it just makes us happy to spend time with them,” said McKnight.

These are only a few of the many ways you can spread holiday cheer without spending a penny. This holiday season, put aside the presents and find your favorite way to give more by spending less!