Throwback Foods


Darby Duncan, Media Editor

As we grow older, many memories from our childhood can make us feel nostalgic. When most people think of nostalgia, they think of old TV shows, music or toys; however, foods can be just as exciting. Many of these throwback foods are still around today, and are still just as delicious.

A favorite throwback food among nearly every child was Kid Cuisine. Coming in plastic blue trays, Kid Cuisine meals included everything from chicken nuggets to spaghetti and meatballs. Each meal had a main course, two sides and a dessert, making it a coveted meal for any kid.

Another favorite throwback food is Danimals. The little bottles filled with every flavor from Strawberry Explosion to Swingin’ Strawberry Banana are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Not only do Danimals feature a crazy monkey on all of their products, but they also used to be endorsed by Dylan and Cole Sprouse, bringing about a whole new level of nostalgia.

Oreo Handi-snacks are also a top throwback food. These little plastic containers held a section of icing and a section of Oreo sticks. You would break the stick in half and dip them into the icing for the ultimate Oreo experience.

Oreos aren’t the only throwback cookie out there. Frosted animal crackers are also a loved throwback food. Everyone loves animal crackers, but frosted animal crackers are even better. The small cookies are shaped like everyone’s favorite circus animals and covered in pink or white frosting. Small, round, multicolored sprinkles are then dropped on top, creating the perfect throwback snack.

A last nostalgic food is Lunchables. For any kid looking for the perfect lunch, Lunchables are the way to go. They are filled with everything from nachos to pizzas you can build yourself; there’s no way to go wrong with Lunchables.

Looking back at our childhood foods can bring a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. But just because we ate these foods as kids doesn’t mean we can’t still eat them now. Many stores still sell these delicious treats to people of all ages, so why not go out and get some throwback foods for yourself and dig in?