Preparation is Key to Finals Success

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Preparation is Key to Finals Success

Emma Henke, Staff Writer

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This close to Christmas, it’s hard to think of anything besides watching holiday movies and wanting to curl up at home on winter break; however, pushing through this last stretch is important for your academic success! Use these tips below to help you do as well as you can on your final exams.

First, start early. Nothing is more stressful than cramming your brain with information the night before a big test, so don’t! Start off by writing a list of when all of your finals are and make a study plan accordingly. Then, gather all your study guides and materials for each class. This is a great way to see what areas you may need extra help in, and it gives you more time to meet with a teacher or tutor if you need to. Starting early will help you feel more prepared and confident.

Second, utilize all the resources available to you. Reading Day on December 17 is a great way to prepare for finals. Teachers will be available in their classrooms all day to host review sessions and mentor students individually. A few days before Reading Day, teachers post all the times they will be reviewing each subject. Look at your classes’ times—especially the ones you need most help in—and make a schedule of when you will visit each review. That way, you can use your time as productively as you can and not worry about missing a class.

One of the most widely-used resources to help study for finals is a website called RogerHub. RogerHub helps students calculate what scores they need on each of their exams to earn the grades they want. It asks for your current grade in a class, the grade you want, and how heavily the exam is weighted. Just like that, you’ll know exactly what scores you need. Knowing this will help you focus on what classes you need to work on most. With a few simple clicks of the buttons, RogerHub is a helpful resource for students, and it’s totally free of charge!

Third, be mentally strong. Near the end of a semester, it’s easy to get exhausted or burnt out. However, look at your long term goals. Where do you want to be in ten years? The grades you get and the habits you make today can drastically affect your future. Even though the hours of studying in the next couple weeks may seem daunting, don’t let that discourage you; use this time as an opportunity to stay strong and push through. By doing that, you will ensure your grades reflect your hard work, and you will learn lessons and habits you can use for the rest of your life.

Finally but most importantly, take care of yourself. No one can deny that finals are stressful, so use them as an opportunity to pamper yourself! Eat healthy meals, get extra sleep and manage your time well. Doing so will make you feel better mentally and physically and help you do as well as you can on your finals. Give yourself a break too! Don’t overstudy; give yourself plenty of rests, whether they be watching a quick show on Netflix or hanging out with a friend. It’s all about balance. Good luck on exams and keep pushing through, you’re almost there!

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