Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions

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Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions

Nick Bone, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is a time for family to spend time with one another and to make many valuable memories. Every family has their traditions; some are common and some are a little bit different.

Food is obviously a staple for Thanksgiving traditions, but some students don’t just eat the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. They take different approaches to the holiday meal that are quite interesting.

“For as long as I can remember, my family has always had filet mignon on Thanksgiving. My whole family for some reason hates turkey, so instead we have filets, which I love, but to other people, it’s strange and un-American,” said senior Hayley Merriott.

Merriott isn’t the only one who takes a non-traditional angle to the holiday. Some St. Dominic students incorporate family heritage into their Thanksgiving feast.

“The Petruso family goes to my great uncle’s house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for Italian Thanksgiving. We use my great grandma’s recipe, since she is from Italy, to make pizza bread and meatballs,” said senior Tony Petruso.

While food is clearly one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving, having fun and spending time with family is just as meaningful.

Some families play football with their family members on Thanksgiving day. Some families watch football with their families. And some rent bounce houses?

“I have a lot of cousins, especially little cousins under the age of seven. In order to keep them happy, we rent a bounce house because they get bored at family gatherings,” said senior Brie O’Brien.

Thanksgiving is an amazing time to grow closer together through food and fellowship. These St. Dominic students may not have normal Thanksgiving traditions, but the memories they are creating will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

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