The McRib is Back! But Do We Want It?

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The McRib is Back! But Do We Want It?

Payton Eggering, Staff Writer

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The McRib returned to McDonald’s just a couple weeks ago, and while the company loves to hype up the return, are people really excited about it?

“They should stop making it come back. I really couldn’t care less about it coming back personally. Though I’ve never eaten it, the sandwich looks incredibly gross, which makes me not want to not even bother trying it,” said senior Jackie Lang.

This sandwich returns at least once every year and has since 2006, so us high schoolers have grown up with the hype surrounding the return of the McRib. However, Lang doesn’t let the advertising change her mind. She knows she would never eat the sandwich due to its unappetizing look. Even those who have eaten it have expressed their opinion on the comeback of the infamous sandwich.

“The first and last time I had a McRib was like 2 years ago, if that says anything. They’re nasty and it’s kinda like eating cardboard with barbecue sauce on it… I can pretty much eat as much junk as I want without feeling gross but when I eat things from McDonald’s, especially the McRib, I feel disgusting,” said senior Ben Reilly.

Reilly has despised the McRib the moment he tasted it. It’s no shock that the overwhelming amount of barbeque sauce is there to make up for the lack of taste and nutrition hidden within the pork. Even those who have been around since the McRib was first introduced know the atrocities of this sandwich.

“The McRib is disgusting. Anything having 70 ingredients is bad for someone’s insides. I ate the nightmare-on-a-bun in middle school; to this day I am haunted… knowing my body had to process the processed poison… The McRib should be sent out to sea on a raft… never to return,” said literature teacher Mr. Justin Margadonna.

No matter the generation, there will always be people that have strong opinions on what comes out of the McDonald’s kitchen. While all of these reviews are negative, you can still eat this sandwich to form your own opinion about it… If you dare…

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