90s Back, Alright!

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90s Back, Alright!

Kate Ryan, Staff Writer

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‘90s fashion is coming back harder than ever to sneak into the ever-changing trends of pop culture. From bucket hats to Doc Martens, crop tops and baggy slogan tees, you’re sure to see some form of a ‘90s fashion craze back on the streets.

‘90s fashion is not only back, but it’s better. Styles are swarming with a modern twist that were first portrayed by celebrities, which has caused the majority of the millennials to catch on. Famous YouTubers wear different variations of the same look: a crop top, mom jeans and Doc Martens.

“Thrifting” is huge right now, and it’s a perfect way to find all of the best fashion styles from past years: the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. You can go to a local Goodwill or thrift store and find your perfect ‘90s fit. The part that makes it “thrifting” is finding an article of clothing from past styles and making it your own at a completely affordable price. For example, take a baggy T-shirt with a slogan on it from the 90s, and crop it or tuck it into some jeans and you’re sure to look straight from back in the day.

Aside from fashion, media and movies from the ‘90s are also back and better. The TV show Full House was a hit series from 1987-1995 that focused on a fun, typical family. Last year, the cast came together and filmed a whole new series called Fuller House, which was a huge hit among loyal fans, as they got to see the cast all grown up.

Another way that the ‘90s is coming back is in Halloween costumes. Teens dressed up as Cher from the hit 1995 movie Clueless, or just used ‘90s fashion as a whole for costume inspiration.

Whether you’re into more baggy, relaxing styles or super extravagant colorful clothes, the ‘90s wave is back with any fashion style that you can make your own. Keep an eye out for the ‘90s styles that are back in fashion—better get thrifting!

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