Swimming Into St. Dominic

Audrey Weber, Staff Writer

Alumnus Ms. Rachel Imming has worked at St. Dominic since June as the Assistant Director of Admissions. She has been welcoming the incoming students as they find their place, and she has helped the shadows feel comfortable at our school. Furthermore, she has decided to help out the St. Dominic community by taking on the job of becoming the swim coach.

Though she only swam for a short time in high school, she is still passionate about it and passionate about coaching and encouraging our Crusader swimmers.

“I decided to become the swim coach because obviously I do a lot with the incoming students, but I really wanted to get more involved with the student body,” said Imming.

Since Ms. Imming is an alumnus, she is very excited to get the opportunity to coach here.

“It’s just pretty cool to be a part of it in high school and then come back and get to work in it now. There’s been so many changes at St. Dominic, and it’s been really cool to get to see all of that,” said Imming.

Ms. Imming is hoping that she can bring hard work and dedication to our swim program. She is planning to build relationships with the girls and help them bond as a team, as well as building them up for success this swim season.