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Nate Johnson, Staff Writer

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In this digital age, new apps come out each day. A lot of apps hit the app store  and immediately skyrocket into popularity. Several apps have taken off recently, and you’ve probably heard of them. One of which, is Tik Tok. Though this app is not technically “new” per se, it has gained popularity in different online communities than its own. Tik Tok is the re-branded version of the long gone It’s still the same app, but with the new name, look, and demographic, many more people are trying out the app and showcasing their best lip syncing videos.

Here at St. Dominic, the majority of the student body is pretty familiar with mobile games. Whether it’s Fortnite, Pogo Cat, or Bacon, every app has its phase. Right now, an app growing in popularity in more places than St. Dominic is Flip Trickster. This game consists of controlling a mannequin-like dummy and jumping from high places, trying to land on the ground within a target. A good way to pass time and compare your scores with friends. Just don’t get any ideas…

If you love food, online shopping, or even plane tickets, this next app is for you. Pocket Points is an app that rewards you for not using your phone during school in the form of points. The points translate to coupons that you can redeem at many places such as Wendy’s, Amazon, and Target. You can even donate points to charities and other organizations.

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