Krazy for Khalid


Khalid’s new album Suncity.

Maddie Herbert, Broadcast Writer

After his new album Suncity was released on October 19, R&B singer Khalid is taking the world by storm. With seven new songs including “Vertigo,” “Saturday Nights” and “Better,” Khalid’s vocals are like nothing we have heard before!

The 20-year-old is nothing short of talented. With his first album American Teen, which dropped in 2017, Khalid was topping the charts across the globe, but his newest album is even better than the first.

His most popular song on the track, “Vertigo,” is a vocal masterpiece. The song focuses on how life can be messy and the importance of getting back on track. Along with this relatable message, the song displays emotion with soft and beautiful vocals and a symphonic beat. This song is not only music to the ears, but music for the soul.

His next song, “Suncity,” is nothing we would have ever expected. This partial Spanish song featuring Empress Of adds hints of pop to the upbeat Latin culture. Its meaning about the longing of love is complemented by the rhythmic tune. No matter where you are, “Suncity” is the best song to jam to!

My personal favorite off the album is “Saturday Nights.” This meaningful song about understanding the person you love most hits me in the feels every time. Even with the beautiful lyrics, the background singing is what makes this song come together. If you are looking for a relatable teen song, “Saturday Nights” is the one for you.

We cannot forget about Khalid’s soulful song “Better.” This true R&B song will soon be climbing the charts. His emotional words about feeling a connection with someone is perfectly balanced out with a soft and easy beat.

With three other songs off of his new album such as “9.13,” “Motion” and “Salem’s Interlude,” Khalid truly raised the bar. If you are need of a great album, make sure to listen to Suncity. You will not regret it!