Royal Family Pregnancy


Meghan Markle before announcing 1st pregnancy.

Katie Donnelly and Audrey Weber

On October 15, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their pregnancy. Little did everyone know, Meghan gave away a clue weeks ago.

The biggest clue: around three weeks before they announced her pregnancy, she changed her hairstyle. She appeared at the Coach Core Awards with a different hairstyle that shocked many. Instead of having it in one of her usual buns or curls, she had it layered and straightened.

“Meghan’s hair texture suggested she might have also swapped chemical straightening, which is often avoided during pregnancy,” said celebrity hairstylist Jay Birmingham.

She hadn’t worn this hairstyle since before her wedding; however, this tactic may seem very familiar because Kate Middleton changed up her hairstyle before all three of her pregnancies.

Many dedicated fans are very set on the theory that both Meghan and Kate used their hairstyles to distract from their baby bumps. There’s definitely a chance that Meghan may have used her hair as a decoy to keep things personal and private for a little bit. It’s very possible that they wanted some time to prepare for their announcement.

Though this may just be a theory, it’s very interesting to think about. Is it tradition? A coincidence? Or maybe they’re trying to distract everyone so it’s more of a surprise? Whatever it is, the royal family likes to keep everyone on their toes.